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"The world is a fairytale; we are its guardians"
     —Dejan Stojanovic, The Sun Watches the Sun

Every marriage or relationship tells a story and we are its creators, illustrators, and guardians.  As the producers and main characters in the story, we have a lot of power to direct the story the way we want it to go.  When life hands us sorrow, joy, or hardships, we can choose how we want to respond to them, individually and as a couple.  And because the plot is never defined, it is an exciting, exhilarating, and at times, a terrifying story to produce and act in.  Having a common vision and passion for guarding and creating your fairytale is the key to the success of the story.  When one strays from guarding the story and taking responsibility for its creation, this is when we find a disastrous tragedy.  It takes both characters to be committed to producing a fairytale they both want to live and tell to others. 


  • Review or write your goals, vision and mission for your relationship.  Ask yourself and your partner the following questions:  What is our relationship about?  What do we like about our fairytale?  What are the parts we like to tell others?  How would we like to be described as a couple?
  • Guarding and protecting is an essential part of good mental and emotional health.  When we are caring for someone other than ourselves, experts find this to be a key element in living a happy, fulfilling life.  Guarding your relationship is good for you!
  • Think about your favorite story.  What elements does your relationship have that mirror the elements in the story?  What would you like more or less of?
"To the Ultimate Storyteller, May we live a life worthy of sharing and may our relationship inspire love in those who encounter us, or our story. May we relish in the story we are living and give us the courage to make the necessary changes to live a great fairytale worth retelling."

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