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True Intimacy

We figured since February is the month for lovers, it was a great month to talk about intimacy.  Now for most people when you mention the word intimacy, they automatically think about sex.  Although this is common, it is very short sighted and...Read more

Live like a King & Queen

After meeting with hundreds of couples it is clear to us  that most men and women want to be the king and queen of their castle. For some this is more of a power struggle, for others it is a battle to see who will be treated like royalty the most....Read more

Magical Love

Just like fairytales would be incomplete without magic, love is the magic that keeps the relationship resilient when we encounter hurts, hardships, and conflict.  It makes the fairytale work and the love story magical.  Love provides the security...Read more

Pure Affection

Bonding with your partner requires human contact and affection.  It is not uncommon for the affection to leave the marriage for several reasons…“familiarity breeds contempt” and affection becomes a thing of the past as it is dubbed “early lover...Read more


Boundaries are needed to create a safe relationship, for they define where your life stops and where another life starts.  Without boundaries, it is easy for one to feel trampled and disrespected.  No one can define your boundaries for you but...Read more

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