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Once Upon a Time

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Write your happily ever after...

One Kingdom is a progressive approach to relationship counseling that embraces humanity’s age old obsession with fairytale romance. Husband and wife team, Drs. Jake and Jenn Dean-Hill, are career therapists who each operate a private practice focused on marriage and relationship health. Their breadth of experience with the dynamics of romantic relationships offers you an online video series unlike any other.

After speaking, teaching, and counseling on the subject for over 25 combined years and to thousands of couples, Jake and Jenn present One Kingdom—the culmination of their study and philosophy. Men are no longer the “bad guys,” they are kings and heroes. Women are queens with a built-in desire to dream. Jake and Jenn are teaching couples how to truly unite, and thrive.

Storybook romance isn't magic and myth. In fact, fairytales have long illustrated the ideal relationship model. In this trailblazing new series, One Kingdom decodes the mystery. Journey with us as we explore what fairytale love really means, and how it can be a reality for you.

Two Crowns, One Kingdom

This book brings our video series to life

Love is the most central and coveted of human emotions. We find love, and life is blissful. At least, for a season. Then our personal fairytales can take a shadowy turn as we enter the dark forest. Maybe "happily ever after" isn't all it's cracked up to be. Or is it?

Two Crowns, One Kingdom guides you and your partner through the fairytale journey one destination at a time. In this book, Drs. Jake & Jenn Dean-Hill explore adventures that every relationship must take-and explain the keys to success at every stage.


Eight sessions. Two therapists. One Kingdom.

Whether it’s one couple, a small group, or a large group, we deliver Jake & Jenn’s 8-session series the same, easy way—digital streaming.
You can beam the full One Kingdom series right in the comfort of your home, on multiple devices.

We travel to you at the speed of the internet! Beam our entire conference into your living room, sanctuary, or really any place that has an internet connection. This one-of-a-kind relationship series includes over 8 hours of Jake & Jenn’s full curriculum, designed to reshape your marriage or romantic relationship. It's a lot like renting movies from Netflix or iTunes, except that our rentals can change the rest of your love-life...