Jake Dean-Hill


Jake has devoted his career to serving other people. An ordained minister and former pastor following his education at Azusa Pacific University and Walla Walla University, Jake has operated his own counseling practice for the past 12 years. He married his college sweetheart, Jenn, and adores his two children (and to a lesser degree, his poodles). Above all, Jake loves the Lord and other people, and redirected his early passion for architecture to become the relationship architect he is today.


Jenn Dean-Hill

Jenn is a lifelong learner and teacher. The brains of the operation? You didn't hear it from her! She is a certified teacher who taught in three different states in three years, following her 5-year degree program at Azusa Pacific University and MSW at Walla Walla University. Jenn loves to create, through many outlets like music, art, and writing—any expression that captures the passion of human emotion and relationships. She craves adventure and a good story, and One Kingdom delivers both.

The fine print on Jake

  • BA in Religion from Azusa Pacific University.
  • Master’s in Social Work from Walla Walla University.
  • 11 years of pastoral ministry, and is an ordained minister.
  • Operates a private counseling practice for 12 years and counting, specializing in couples, adolescents and men's issues.
  • Skilled adminstrator who gives rails to Jenn's creativity.
  • Father to a daughter, a son, and two poodles.
  • An avid athlete who used to have a 40" vertical leap—a real asset during his beach volleyball days.
  • Can build or fix just about anything, including dinner.

The facts about Jenn

  • BA in Liberal Studies from Azusa Pacific University.
  • Master’s in Social Work from Walla Walla University.
  • Published author and lecturer.
  • Operates a private counseling practice for 13 years and counting, focused on adolescent, couples, and women's counseling.
  • Has an identical twin.
  • Finds humor in unusual circumstances and boasts the ability to mix up and combine cliches in exciting ways.
  • Has an uncanny ability to remember numbers and statistics.
  • An avid fan of Wonderwoman as a child and the passion still lingers...

What do Jake and Jenn believe?

It is difficult to be successful in anything in life if you are not able to be successful in your current relationships. Jake and Jenn believe balanced and purposeful living comes by nuruturing your three primary relationships: God, self, and others. And, it is through cultivating these relationships that you are able to find passion and fulfillment. The Dean-Hills believe lasting transformation can be achieved by inspiring and empowering people through hope, compassion, and love. Despite the many crises they encounter on a daily basis in their work, Jake and Jenn continue to believe that love is the most potent emotion, that truth brings freedom, and that with God, all things are possible. Jake and Jenn relish every opportunity to guide people to hope and healing, as they walk in authenticity in their own lives. One of the ways Jake and Jenn practice what they teach, to leave a legacy, is by giving the gift of clean water through an organization called Cause Life.