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Live in Love

"And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love."
     —I Corinthians 13:13

Faith, hope and love are the magical ingredients to a fairytale relationship that tells a great story.  Fear is the villain that undermines all three.  Faith is the acting on what you hope for or envision for your relationship.  Hope is the anticipation and vision for greater things to come. Love, is always and forever, and the magical potion for every relationship.  When fear takes hold in a relationship, it freezes one from acting in faith, which creates despair and discouragement from believing anything is possible.  Where there is no hope, there is no faith.  Love is the fuel that creates perseverance, commitment, joy, and faithfulness and makes all things possible.   It makes a way when there appears to be no way.  Fear counters love and blocks love from taking hold in a magical way to propel the relationship forward.  It is normal for there to be fear with your partner due to: past hurts, unmet needs, and unkind behavior.  But it is to your personal disadvantage to live in fear, and to your personal, magical advantage to live in love.  If we are to have the magic in our story, we must be committed to choosing to live in love verses freeze in fear.


  • Fear loses its hold when it is exposed. Ask yourself, “What do I fear with my partner?”
  • Studies reveal love to be a powerful healing agent in a relationship.  It reduces stress, acts as a pain anesthetic, and creates deep connection. How to you want to respond to your partner in love, in the areas you fear?
  • Author David Richo talks about mindful loving with the 5 A’s: attention, appreciation, affection, acceptance, and allowing the person to be themselves.  Which “A” do you give the best in?  Which “A” do you need more of in your relationship?
  • Talk with your partner what love looks and feels like to you.  Give 3 ways your partner loves you and 3 ways your partner could love you more.
"God, you are love and the author of love. Teach me how to love deeper and to choose love to conquer my problems instead of responding with fear. May I develop and advance my One Kingdom with my partner by living in love instead of freezing in fear."

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