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Power of Acceptance

"Mother didn't understand that children aren't frightened by stories; that their lives are full of far more frightening things than those contained in fairy tales."
     —Kate Morton, The Forgotten Garden

Rejection is the terror constantly threatening our very survival.  It brings a fear and dread to everyone, young and old.  The public humiliation of striking out at a baseball game while bases are loaded; receiving an “F” on a test; fired from a job; abandoned by a parent; cheated on by a lover; and misjudged by the masses.  Life brings rejection in all forms, there is no way around it.  We learn to survive broken hearts, lost loves, demolished dreams, and unattainable goals.  And we learn to thrive in spite of the constant looming terror of rejection when we have a safe haven…a home in which we are loved and accepted no matter what.  From babes to adults, we need to know we are liked and wanted when the cruel hand of rejection slams down on us.  We need the compassionate hand of love and grace to reach down and set us upright again, exclaiming: “You are wanted and enough”.  This is what we need to be to each other.  A loving hand to hold, arms to rest in, and a warm face to gaze upon when rejection shows it’s ugly face.  With this kind of security, one can take the risk to live life to its’ fullest.  Acceptance of the inevitable rejection life brings, acceptance of yourself when you are rejected, and acceptance from another in the midst of rejection.  This is what we get to be to another - the face, arms, eyes, and voice of…acceptance - beautiful, loving, warm acceptance.


  • Let your partner know 3 things you accept about him/her.
  • Think about a time you felt rejected and unaccepted.  What would have felt good to you? To hear, feel, see?  Give that to yourself, so you can give this to your partner.
  • It is said, “One can only love others to the capacity we can love ourselves”.  Jesus said it similarly by the command, “Love your neighbor as yourself”.  Accepting and comforting yourself when rejected, past or present, will have a profound affect on how you accept and comfort your partner presently.
  • Psychologists remark often on the “Power of Acceptance”, and how the simple act of acceptance transforms an experience from traumatic to empowering for an individual.  Practice accepting yourself, your story, and your partner, and resist the urge to reject.
"God, may my story and the story of my relationship be threaded with the strong bond of acceptance. May it fuel me to move forward with more passion as I allow the power of acceptance to foster the life and relationship I long for, and may I be accepting of me so I can best love and accept my partner."

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