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"If there is one ‘constant’ in the structure and theme of the wonder tale, it is transformation."
     —Jack Zipes

Resilience is…“the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties”.  If we didn’t have to, most of us wouldn’t choose difficulties in order to grow.  Life forces the transformation in a relationship, and this is done through hardships.  When difficult times come, the relationship rises and falls on the waves of life.  We must choose how we will handle the storms that come our way.  Will we blame and shame one another?  Quit on each other, or hold on tight to each other as we go through the dynamic seasons life brings?  Will we develop the capacity to recover quickly and exit the Dark Forest as soon as possible…a stronger, wiser couple?  One thing is for sure, we will never be the same.  In your relationship, make it a part of your vision to hold on to each other, embrace the storms together, and hope expectantly for your fairytale to reveal positive transformation in yourself and in your relationship.  Remember, transformation from a frog to a prince, a sleeping princess to a princess bride, and a scullery maid to a queen, makes for an exciting, inspiring story that lets others believe…anything is possible.  Embrace difficulties as you hope expectantly for the transformation it brings, and pray for resilience to reign in your relationship.


  • Experts say it is hardships that create the endurance and strength of character we need to overcome our greatest fears and struggles.
  • List 3 difficult issues you have overcome as a couple and had resilience in.
  • Resilience can never be gained without hardships and conflict.  Instead of fearing the Dark Forest, look forward to the hardships introduced in your life as an opportunity to practice resilience.
  • Give 5 affirmations of each others’ strengths and utilize those strengths in each other to create greater resilience as a couple.
"God, give us the ability to be resilient and to hope in a happy ending to a difficult time. May we hold fast to each other instead of fighting one another, and may we look to You for a greater help when our strength and hope fails us. Thank you for your help and hope."

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