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What are “fairytales” all about?

"Fairytales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten."
     —Neil Gaiman, from Coraline

Everyone wants a fairytale relationship.  A magical story that includes finding our Prince Charming or Cinderella, living an adventurous relationship, and having our happily ever after.  Yet many think this is mythical thinking designed purely for children’s entertainment.  If so, why do we find so many adults still longing for their Prince Charming to waltz into their lives or their Princess to magically appear, and to find that partner to have exciting adventures with…living happily forever?   We believe this to be the longing of our human hearts, male or female, and we believe fairytales are happening all around us.  We just haven’t been trained to see them properly, and we forget some very important parts that make fairytales great entertainment while quenching the desires of our human longings.

Every great fairytale has a sinister villain and a “dark forest” or a despairing place where the story climaxes and threatens a depressing ending or a chaotic spin.  With some work, new knowledge, and a little magic, the story takes a heroic turn as the villain is conquered, true love is discovered, and pure joy replaces all despair.  Why do relationships need to be any different?  We forget about the villains and “dark forests”, and we often only remember the magic and happy endings when we describe fairytales.  We forget to see relationships as a harrowing, thrilling adventure, where treasures are waiting to be discovered, villains vanquished, and true love awaits.

Just like in most fairytales, the hero and the leading lady do not reach their happily ever after without commendable effort on their part, an undying passion for their relationship, and an inexhaustible hope for love…all expressed while staring evil in the face.  It takes time and effort to live your fairytale, especially if you want it to end with a “happily ever after”.  We want to encourage you to stay strong and live your fairytale adventure despite the “dark forest” and terrifying villains, and to remember, love conquerors all.


  • Keep your happily ever after and what are you trying to create always in focus.
  • Don’t get stuck in the dark forest—remember, your partner is not your villain.
  • Just like in fairytales, oneness is your greatest weapon.
"God, give me the courage and passion to create the fairytale I want to live, and may You provide the extra “magic” needed to make my dreams come true and to fight my villains. May my fears be calmed and revealed as I choose the most powerful antidote to fear… Love. May I always live in love as I move forward in hope and faith."

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