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Hope for Happily Ever After

Hoping for our Happily Ever After gives us the courage to face the dark forest and to endure whatever may come our way.  To hope for a greater ending,...Read more


We are only as strong as our weakest link.  This applies to relationships too.  We’ve seen a new trend in fairytales.  It used to be...Read more

Live in Love

Faith, hope and love are the magical ingredients to a fairytale relationship that tells a great story.  Fear is the villain that undermines all three.  Faith is the...Read more

Press On

In every fairytale, there is a quest greater than the love or romancing of the leading lady or leading man.  They have to do something so overwhelmingly difficult, like:...Read more

Passionate Marriage

One of the saddest events to witness in a marriage is when the marriage loses heart.  A “heartless marriage” is one without passion and zest, and we...Read more

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