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Resilience is…“the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties”.  If we didn’t have to, most of us wouldn’t choose difficulties in order...Read more


Every marriage or relationship tells a story and we are its creators, illustrators, and guardians.  As the producers and main characters in the story, we have a lot of...Read more

Love Fear

To love and risk being loved by the one who hurt you deeply is a familiar terror we often see replayed by the many couples we work with.  Ironically,...Read more

Power of Acceptance

Rejection is the terror constantly threatening our very survival.  It brings a fear and dread to everyone, young and old.  The public humiliation of striking out at a...Read more


There is no mistake that the word unity is embedded within the word community.  It takes a minimum of two to make community and true, authentic community is evidenced...Read more

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