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Amazing grace

Grace is difficult to understand. Often it is compared to mercy, but grace is more than mercy. Grace is mercy with a gift on top of that. We are all in need of it but we don’t know what it looks like day to day.

The other day I was driving...Read more

Soul-mates: Developed not Discovered

A mythical question often surfaces with disgruntled couples, “Did I marry my soul-mate?” Unquestionably, we can have a more compatible partner, but despite the compatibility or lack thereof, understand that soul-mates are developed, not...Read more

Perfect Love

True love is one our greatest desires. Yet, our greatest villain to love is fear. When we are so busy being afraid, we are put into survival mode, and we operate from the back part of the brain, making this the greatest deterrent to loving. Our...Read more

Peer Marriage: A new way to do marriage

Before we were married, we were college sweethearts.  We were best friends, study buddies, work partners, and colleagues. Jake honored Jenn by giving her half his salary when he was doing youth ministry at a local church and Jenn loaned him her...Read more

What are “fairytales” all about?

Everyone wants a fairytale relationship.  A magical story that includes finding our Prince Charming or Cinderella, living an adventurous relationship, and having our happily ever after.  Yet many think this is mythical thinking designed purely for...Read more

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